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Ooppoottil Group of Companies, The

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  • MRK Healthcare

    products include gloves, catheters, collection bags, and more.

  • Hutchinson Worldwide: Surgical Gloves

    manufactures the G-VIR, a surgical glove incorporating a disinfectant which reinforces the healthcare worker/patient barrier by reducing the transmitted viral load.

  • InnovativeGloves

    manufacturer of premium latex examination gloves that meet all requirements of ISO, USFDA, EN 46002, and CE.

  • Medigloves Ltd

    manufactures surgical, medical examination, and cleanroom latex gloves.

  • Medtexx Partners

    manufacturer and distributor of disposable latex and non-latex gloves for the medical, dental, scientific technology, and end-users markets.

  • Microflex

    providing latex and synthetic exam gloves.